Colic & Unsettled Babies

Sometimes a baby cries excessively; beyond what would be considered normal, and beyond what a parent can cope with. This is often labelled colic. More often than not there is an underlying reason for colic.

Kristy specialises in colic & unsettled babies; and after a thorough assessment can guide you in implementing effective strategies. By determining the underlying cause of distress and discomfort it is possible to change a very unsettled and challenging baby into a content and relaxed baby.

Don’t accept the diagnosis of colic, this is a label provided when a healthcare provider isn’t sure how to help.

If an underlying cause cannot be found, you will be guided in implementing effective strategies to reduce the crying periods and manage them more effectively. As colic is also very stressful for parents, you will also be supported; discussions can extend to assisting you to implement coping strategies at this very trying time.