How can you help my colicky baby?

It can be difficult to identify the root cause of an unsettled colicky baby and sleep problems, many parents may implement inappropriate strategies simply because the surface symptoms lead parents in the wrong direction. Kristy can assess your baby to determine what is causing the colicky behaviour, and guide you in the right direction. Midwives and child and family health nurses, as well as GP’s, may not have the additional training necessary to diagnose underlying causes of colic in babies; even when they do they may not have sufficient time during an appointment to accurately assess the situation.

Kristy looks at the whole picture, leaving no stone unturned in identifying the root cause of excessive crying.


I don’t live in Australia, do you provide an international service?

Yes. International colic consults can be attended via Skype at the same cost of a phone consult. You can book a skype consult by emailing Kristy direct, please type ‘Skype consult request’ in the subject line.



What if I have more questions after the consult, or forget something that was said?

Follow up is available for all clients, either by txt message or email. This can be used to clarify anything that was discussed during the consult, or for further questions. Complex cases may require a second or third consult to resolve colic.