This booklet provides information on many changes that occur during pregnancy and breastfeeding. It includes information on buying bras, engorgement, mastitis, and the decision to breastfeed or not to breastfeed. A really great learning resource for the prenatal and postpartum period. Breast changes during and after pregnancy. A comprehensive booklet provided by Breast Cancer Care […]

  Sixty-two study participants (children aged between 1 and 10 years) with medically diagnosed peanut allergy were randomly divided into two groups: treatment and placebo. The treatment group received increasing amounts of peanut flour and the probiotic over a period of 18 months and the placebo group received ingredients that imitated the peanut flour and […]

  We asked Diane Nehm√© from The Association for Post-Natal Illness (APNI) what she would want to know if she was diagnosed with postnatal depression . What is postnatal depression? Postnatal depression is a condition entirely associated with pregnancy and childbirth. Although it is called depression, there are many differing symptoms, which can range from […]