What does breastfeeding look like?

For many women breastfeeding is challenging simply because they have not seen it (or have seen it very little). Often breastfeeding is done discreetly, so even if you see breastfeeding you may not truly see exactly what is happening.

Here are some images of a baby at the breast, including some images explaining correct latch. Always remember breastfeeding is not meant to hurt, pain is an indication of incorrect latch. If breastfeeding isn’t a pleasant experience for you contact Bundle of Care to get assistance with your latch.

BF1 BF2 BF3 BF4 BF5 BF6 Blausen_0118_Breastfeeding_CorrectLatch-On_02 BreastfeedingInPublic-880x400picasso-breastfeeding BreastFeeding-two-children-1024x689 latchon4images