Coming home with a newborn

It is such an exciting time when a new baby arrives in a household. Everyone is buzzing with the excitement of the birth of the newest member of the family. At first it can seem easy; just wrap, and cuddle, change the baby, feed the baby, until lack of sleep and exhaustion truly set in.

It can be common for new mother’s to feel it is now all on them; especially once their partner returns to work, and well-meaning friends and family return to their own lives. It can be shattering to realise that the seemingly endless support has gone, and when the baby cries it is all on just one person to solve.

This is when exhausted and overwhelmed mother’s (and father’s) turn to other sources of support, such as mother’s groups and child and family health nurses. For some new parent’s this is enough to get them through the trying time of that first few very challenging months. For others this will be when they feel truly unsupported and alone.

Children however are not meant to be raised by just one (or two) people. It is important at this time to accept ALL offers of help, however big or small. At times, it can be a good idea to ask family and friends for assistance. Many people want to help out new parents, but won’t offer in case the help is not wanted.

How family and friends can help:

  • Bring over a ready-made meal
  • Hang out a load of washing, or pack away some dishes
  • Run small errands for the family
  • Watch baby while tired parent’s sleep
  • Play with older siblings
  • Be a listening ear, sometimes talking about it is all anyone needs

If you are feeling overwhelmed and unsupported, Bundle of Care can come to your home and provide much-needed hands on assistance, guidance, and support.